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Imagine how freeing it would be to discreetly switch programs or change volume levels by simply tapping your smartphone, or to give a microphone to a speaker so that you can hear every word, loud and clear.

The Signia myHearing App.

With your new Signia hearing aids, you now experience more than the best hearing aid technology. You also enjoy the gold standard in support thanks to Signia’s revolutionary myHearing App, developed by our audiology experts. Now you can become an experienced hearing aid wearer in as little time as possible.

The app provides you with all the support tools you and your Hearing Care Professional need to guide you through a successful hearing aid trial: guided assistance, personal progress monitoring and the CareChat communication channels to talk to your Hearing Care Professional, wherever you are.

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myControl App. The best hearing experience just got even better.

In combination with the myControl App, Signia Pure 13 BT gives you better than normal hearing* tailored to your individual lifestyle. The app does more than enable direct streaming, it also sends information to your hearing aids for the best possible hearing while you are on the move, ensuring your relaxation and safety whatever comes your way.

*Two independent clinical studies have shown that Signia hearing aids with binaural processing provide better than normal hearing capabilities in certain demanding listening environments


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easyTek Appið: Einfalt og þægilegt snjallforrit með mörgum notkunarmöguleikum.

easyTek appið veitir þér margvíslega notkunarmöguleika og gerir þér jafnframt kleift að nota snjallsímann þinn sem fjarstýringu fyrir heyrnartækin. Appið eykur virkni easyTek fjarstýringarinnar.

Þú getur séð rafhlöðunotkun heyrnartækjanna á símanum, streymt tónlist eða notað snjallsímann sem fjarstýringu. Og þegar fólk heldur að þú sért að skoða nýjust tölvupósta ert þú í raun að stjórna heyrnartækjum þínum og bæta tjáskiptahæfni þína í samskiptum ykkar á milli.


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touchControl App: Nú getur þú stillt heyrnartækin úr snjallsímanum

Þú hleður niður ókeypis touchControl appinu TM sem auðveldar þér stjórn á heyrnartækjunum. Þú notar snjallsímann til að breyta hljóðstyrk, skipta um hlustunarkerfi eða breyta tónstillingum (bassa og diskant).


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Hearing Test App: Helps you determine whether you have hearing impairment.

The Hearing Test was created by our audiology experts to help you determine whether you have hearing impairment. This application has been scientifically developed and carefully tested to ensure the most precise results possible.

In addition, the test is completely independent of language, so you can use it reliably no matter what language you’re most comfortable with.

The Hearing Test examines how well you can detect words in background noise. This is based on the knowledge that individuals with hearing loss have greater difficulty understanding speech in noisy environments, such as restaurants or subway stations.


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